Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Style Guide

Analyse: As a group we decided that we would try and stick to something that close to the original logo, these logos are still not are final logo. However we felt that we should get something posted regardless.  As we started down this idea of revamping Cliffside restaurant I began with sketching and trying many different ideas that involved a lot of brainstorming. After sketching many different logos I brought them into illustrator and started designing them with shapes and the pen tool, creating many different rough concepts. After all of this we all discussed what Cliffside had that was unique. Once we figured out that the only unique thing was the fact that the restaurant is located on top of a mesa we decided to keep the new logo close to the original. I think that cleaning up the current logo will possibly attract a younger crowd by communicating that the restaurant is modern and young as well. But, hopefully keeping the current older/wealthy crowd around as well. As far as fonts go we decided that keeping it fairly simple was the best thing to do.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Collaborative Design Presentation

Audience: Geographic/Demographic.

Clients: Cliff side Restaurant located at 511 S Airport Rd, St George, UT 84770


Tom, 65, is one of the owners of Cliffside Restaurant and like any business man, he wants to increase his profit.  He wants Cliffside Restaurant to reach "legendary" status here in St. George. Tom wants the word about the restaurant to reach as many people as possible in order to get a wider variety of people up there to eat.  

Dorothy, 64, is Tom's wife.  While Tom handles the business side of things, Dorothy is mostly invested in the aesthetics of the restaurant and the hospitality.  She is the main decorator for the restaurant and always wants the restaurant to be spotless and beautiful.  As a mother and a grandmother, she is very family oriented. She goes out of her way to make young families and their children feel welcome at the restaurant.  Like Tom, she too wants to increase the volume of customers as well as the diversity.

Persona #1 (Young Family)-
Joshua, 27, is a hard working business man with 3 children who is looking for a change of scenery in his life. He is tired of eating at the same middle to low class restaurants every night due to the fact he doesn't have time to cook while being a single parent. He would love to experience a new upper class restaurant that is family-friendly that he and his children can enjoy. 

Persona #2 (Traveler)-
Leslie, 33, has been traveling to all 50 states with her husband and is looking for places to visit in southern Utah. She enjoys the outdoors and will go anywhere that stands out to her.

Persona #3 (Older Couple)-
Bob, 63, and Susanne, 62, own a second home here in St. George, Utah. Because Bob was able to retire early, the two of them visit on a frequent basis, especially during the winter months. They typically like to treat themselves to a restaurant cooked meal two to three times a week. With many of the restaurants growing old, they are looking for a unique upper class restaurant where they can enjoy a view and each other’s company.

My Role: I was tasked with creating a style guide for the project as well as creating the logo. A logo can be very important for a company' and its success. Due to the lack of thought and apathy that was put into the current logo, I felt like this was the perfect task for me because I secretly have a love for logo design.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Its is the directors duty to maintain control over almost all creative aspects of the film. Including, tech, lighting, makeup. He or she may not work directly with those departments all the time though. He or she will generally have directors for each department as well to help keep the set organized. Christopher Nolan approached this film in a great way, and that was by not using any CGI during any of the flight and character scene either. Him and his crew built and excellent set that was easily navigable/ spacious for this scene. Using many lights and sound effects to create the scene that seemed like it was computer generated. The scene itself holds a large amount of the design themes that we spoke about in class over the past three months including law of continuity, because he is consistently falling downward wall the lines are leading down as well. Not only that but everywhere you look in the scene lines are running through out it. Law of   Proximity, when he flying down the teseract he begins to see all of these room with the people he knows and all of their things, then you star grouping them together thinking its all one scene within a scene, that may not be the case, just a subjective observation. All in all even though the films success was through the rough and a very popular movie, it is undeniably one of the greatest films of my time so far.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Compose your frame

I took this photo when my family and I were hiking up to Emerald Pools in Zion National Park. I was looking through all of my photos trying to find something that was perfect and this one seemed so perfect for this assignment. The lines that run through the rock in every single part of it naturally lead the eye to the lower left quadrant of the frame. The larger line near the top of the closer rock divides it into vector like shapes that are occurring organically. I remember that when I was taking the photo I originally had the closer rock over dominating the entire frame because I felt like I could not find any balance so I would just need to capture the shot. But I stood there for a while realizing that the mountain in the back creates great contrast with the closer rock. I do realize that is most likely all subjective, to me it may seem to have all of the characteristics of composing a frame. To other it may seem different. Part of me wonders that if looking for those certain things will help you see them. So, If I want to think they are there my mind will actually put them there for me to see. Just a thought though.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Design Evaluation

When I found out that Subway was re-branding the company that we all know so well I was very excited. I was reluctant to see some change. Over the span of however many years the used the design on top.

In comparison the two designs are the same, but very different. Yes they both say subway, however they giving off a different message. This is all very subjective so be warmed. The design on top is saying "look at me". Obviously its saying subway, but the heavy outline and italics are just crying for attention and approval. You cant not remember this design. Is that good or bad though?

The newest design is anything but new. This was the original design that was used when the company first began. Not only is it simple in type, but color and overall design as well. Its gets the point across with the subtle colors. Rather than begging for attention its saying " well we have good cheap sandwiches if you want one".

A trademark can make or break a company. Look at McDonald's, when seeing that over sized M on a red background we all understand exactly what that means and who it is. I think that with the right advertising and marketing subway could achieve the same level of popularity. In this new trademark, we can see a relation to the Gestalt principle, Law Of Closure. There are two over sized arrows that create an S, then suing the negative space we can see another S. Creating some what of an illusion for the eye.  

Monday, September 5, 2016

Contrast, Balance, Harmony

This photo was taken of my girlfriend and I almost two years ago. We decided to adventure up Snow Canyon National Park on one winter day. Even though it was freezing. We picked up some wood at the smiths on the way, and had a fire. When I picked her up for a loving kiss my friend snapped this pick of us.

Being a black and white photo, there is obvious contrast as far as lighting goes. On the left hand side of the photo we have rock that makes the photo seem small to me or claustrophobic. Then on the right hand side of the photo is the open sky, but it appears to be all white, creating for me a sense of space that balances out the rock on the left had side.

The subject matter is slightly placed to the left of the photo, this creates more balance. Also the subject matter is much darker than everything else in the frame. Making the over powering bright sky, seem a little more humble and equal to the rock on the right side. As far texture, we have an abundance in the rock. Holes and lines run diagonally across the entire structure reassuring that organic feel that most phone camera take away. As well as the sage brush on the lower quadrant of of the photo, creating more organic feelings.

This photo creates harmony for me, in the sense that when I look at I remember this great hike that my lady friend and I went on. I think the setting of love sets the tone for harmony as well. Love is bliss. And bliss can be harmony depending on how it is looked at. Visual speaking we have harmony coming from the vibrant white sky. Creating a peaceful look to the entire photo


Monday, August 29, 2016

Visceral Response

We were in the middle of Lake Mead. Floating and enjoying the last little bit of sun that we had for the day. When I say we, I mean my girlfriend, her parents, and me. When I looked over at the sunset I realized that this was the most ambient sunset that I had ever seen before. The water was as smooth as glass. Every second that I look at it I feel the need to dive in the water and break the crisp glass before something else does. Seeing the sunset reflect off of the glass-like water creates an excellent feeling of texture for me. The slow gradient from light orange to light blue in the sky just makes me want to be creative and take advantage of more of these certain kind of moments. To me this is mother nature's handy design at play. It made me realize that humans tend to design what we see thinking we are original, when all of this was already designed long before us. By who or what I am not sure, but I think it's fair to say there is more beauty in this world than people capturing it. The mountains create a perfect like to stop the sun creating too much sunlight at this particular moment making it seem almost flat. Naturally, there is an even amount of space at the top and bottom of the picture, making the subject of matter the sun. All of these somehow come together and give me an ambient, like said previously.It also made me feel very relaxed due to the calm water colors in the sky. Now you may not have same the same reaction to this as me, but that is sort of why its so cool and unique. No one is going to have the same reaction to something most of the time.